Rockpool II, 2022

Rockpool I, 2022

large digital drawings, 2022

the wind, the moon and the dunes, 2021

thoughts forming, like wind in trees, 2021 (commissioned installation drawing)

catching fallen stars, 2021

drift: where the sea leads, 2020

Digital drawings as edition archival pigment prints on heavy Aquarelle cotton ragpaper

Carved works

Exhibition image:

The Sea, Her Offerings series 2020

images to come


Drift, Drifting series 2020


Drift series 2020


Presence series 2019


Fleeting lands, Fowler’s Gap series 2019


make of it what you will, 2019


Ground 2019


selected etchings, 2019


veil, 2019


sense of things series 2018

Theme: Overlay by Kaira Extra Text
Cape Town, South Africa