sense of things, 2018

This series comprises loosely figurative landscapes, pushed towards abstraction through the ongoing exploration of the material properties of paint, surface and modes of application.

In each painting, part of the image is concealed by a veil of dots. This veil is neither distinctly separate from the image it overlays, nor part of it.

The key thematic consideration of these works is a concept of duality. The seen and unseen, what is real or remembered, what is felt rather than observed. In each work the viewer may question the meaning of the veil. Does it conceal or does it reveal?

Our vision of the place we inhabit is innately overlaid with a sensory experience. As a human, I find solace in the places I inhabit in nature. It speaks to me and brings peace. I have tried to explore this ‘sense’ in my own interpretation of place. The place may be a memory, or a tangible place.

Theme: Overlay by Kaira Extra Text
Cape Town, South Africa